Records Management

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Main Topics

  • Basic concepts of records management
  • Configuration settings that must be fulfilled to be able to collect logs
  • Analysis techniques related to the collected records
  • Issues to be considered in establishing a record management system
  • Analysis of large size records
  • Instant tracking of the collected records
  • Registration information needed for any security breach
  • Records required to be collected for compliance with legal or corporate policies
  • The most common mistakes and problems encountered while collecting records
  • Standards that can be followed in collecting records

Who Can Participate

  • System, security and network administrators
  • Information and information systems experts
  • Information security managers and experts

To have basic operating and information systems knowledge

Accumulation to be Obtained at the End of Education
It is aimed to convey how to establish a record management system that will ensure the collection of log information from information technologies in accordance with both legal responsibility and corporate policy and to make these collected records meaningful in line with the needs of the institution.

Duration: 2 days