Record Analysis

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Main Topics

  • Record analysis overview
  • Record analysis standards, rules and legal regulations
  • Record keeping, record collection, viewing tools
  • Common mistakes in record analysis
  • Incident response studies
  • Use of recording at different stages of incident response
  • Contribution of records obtained from different sources to incident response and analysis

Who Can Participate

  • System, security and network administrators
  • Information and information systems experts
  • Information security managers and experts

To have knowledge of basic operating systems, database systems and network

Accumulation to be Obtained at the End of Education
Participants in the training will receive information about logging and record keeping, gain recording management and analysis skills in incident response, and will get information about which type of recording should be used in which situations and at what stage of incident response. In addition, they will gain basic analysis capabilities for record analysis, general knowledge and skills about record collection tools, and competence in the use of different records analysis tools.

Duration: 5 days