Network Forensic Analysis

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Main Topics

  • Obtaining digital evidence from network resources
  • The reproducibility of the results to be obtained during the analysis process and the reliability of the obtained evidence
  • Tools, technologies and processes that can be used for different purposes in network analysis
  • Mobile device security
  • Apps


  • Participants (VirtualBox or VMWare) have a computer that can run the virtual operating system to be run on it
  • Participants should be knowledgeable about Linux operating system basics and applications
  • Participants are able to perform simple installation and connection operations in Linux operating systems (such as assigning an IP address, following a log file, using an editor)
  • Participants have an introductory knowledge of general network protocols (such as IP, HTTP, TCP, UDP) and network listening tools (such as wireshark, tcpdump).
  • Forensic Analysis Training

Duration: 3 days