Mobile Security

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Main Topics

  • Basic concepts in mobile security
  • Android OS basics
  • Android OS security features
  • Android application penetration test
  • IOS operating system basics
  • IOS operating system security features
  • IOS application penetration test
  • Mobile malware and analysis

Who Can Participate

Information technology employees who want to perform mobile application security penetration testing and mobile malware analysis


  • Introductory knowledge of Network protocols such as IP, HTTP, TCP, UDP, Wireshark network listening tools
  • To be able to use * NIX derivative operating systems at basic level
  • To have knowledge of basic security concepts and penetration testing
  • To have a basic knowledge of mobile application development, to be able to understand the piece of code read

Accumulation to be Obtained at the End of Education
Participants in the training will learn about the security features offered by IOS and Android operating system platforms; will gain the ability to perform mobile application penetration testing. In addition, they will have the ability to analyze mobile malware. Participants must have a jailbroken IOS DEVICE (iPhone, iPad, iPod) in order to implement practical applications for IOS applications. No device will be provided to the inheritors by the instructor.