Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Main Topics

  • Critical infrastructure definition and critical infrastructure sectors
  • Information systems used in critical infrastructures
  • Corporate Information Systems and Industrial Control Systems
  • Similarities and differences
  • Critical infrastructure topologies and risk analysis
  • Critical infrastructures and information security incidents
  • Major vulnerabilities, threats and countermeasures in critical infrastructures
  • Physical security / information security integration
  • Managing information security
  • Standards and information resources
  • National size operators and regulators
  • National cyber security organization

Who Can Participate
Managers of organizations operating critical infrastructure, Institutional SOME and IT Unit managers and employees

Having basic knowledge about proximity to the business processes of their own institution, information systems and information security

Accumulation to be Obtained at the End of Education
It is aimed that the participants of the training will comprehend the specific importance of critical infrastructures and Industrial Control Systems and the precautions to be taken in proportion to this importance, and the institutions will gain competence in implementing both the administrative process and technical measures regarding the security of critical infrastructures.

Duration: 1 DAY