Central Security Monitoring and Event Management

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Main Topics

  • Central Records Management systems
  • Editing event correlation systems (SIM) reports
  • Examples of SIM solutions
  • Determination of high risk assets with inventory analysis
  • Open Source Central Security Monitoring Software (OSSIM)
  • OSSIM Architecture and integrated tools
    – OSSIM Setup
    – OSSIM Configuration
    – OSSIM Web console
    – Regulation of security policies and reports
    – Collecting information with OSSIM agent
    – Collecting information with SYSLOG
  • Correlation of security events (attack attribution)
  • Optimizing event analytics workflows for security intelligence
  • Incident analysis and response
  • System maintenance and update


  • Basic operating and information systems knowledge
  • TCP / IP Basic Network and Security information
  • Records Management and Intrusion Detection basics knowledge

Duration: 2 Days