Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning

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Main Topics

  • Principles regarding the management of the business continuity project
  • Threats that can affect any organization
  • Risk assessment and determination of necessary controls
  • How to do business impact analysis
  • Development of business continuity management strategies
  • How to prepare for emergency response and determination of relevant activities, and what to do in case of an emergency or disaster
  • How to create disaster recovery teams
  • In case of disaster; how risks can be minimized for minimal damage and how to recover at the targeted time
  • Crisis communication needs:
    – Development of business continuity plan and its implementation throughout the organization
    – Training, information and awareness activities for correct and quick response
    – Testing and updating the business continuity plan

Who Can Participate
Personnel responsible for the management of business continuity / disaster recovery plan processes in their institutions, managers of institutions without business continuity / disaster recovery plan, business continuity / disaster recovery plan developers, employees involved in business continuity / disaster recovery plan in their organizations, emergency team members working in the event of a disaster security auditors

Accumulation to be Obtained at the End of Education
Participants in the training will have knowledge on the above-mentioned issues and will be able to carry out planning studies within the scope of business continuity in their institutions.a