Advanced Penetration Testing Expertise

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Main Topics

  • Network packet generation (Scapy)
  • Domain tests (mimkatz, metasploit modules, meterpreter modules, incognito, remote registry, golden ticket, pivoting)
  • Intervening attacks (ARP spoof, SSL Strip, SMB redirect, fake SMB Auth, LLMNR poisining, DHCP starvation, rogue DHCP server, DNS spoofing, Mimf, Scapy snipets)
  • Password cracking attacks (password – digest types, offline password cracking, john, cain, online password cracking, hydra, rainbow tables, crunch, ophcrack, python scripts)
  • Wireless network tests (Network listening, de-authentication, interception, handshake capture, password cracking attacks, encrypted traffic decoding, wps pin breaking, rogue ap, radius server attacks, scapy snipets)
  • Heartbleed, Shellshock


  • Having received penetration test expertise training
  • To have an intermediate level of Linux, Windows and TCP / IP knowledge
  • Basic programming experience (Scripting languages)

Who Can Participate
Personnel to take part in penetration testing and security audits in their institutions

Accumulation to be Obtained at the End of Education
Those who attend the training will reach the level to be involved in penetration testing processes at their institutions or outside. They will be able to use advanced attack techniques in penetration tests.

Duration: 5 days