Active Device Security

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Main Topics

The concept of active device and network design, tightening of active devices and ensuring the security of network infrastructure will be explained in an explanation and practice in the following headings.

  • Widely used today, creating the internal network infrastructure and connecting the network with the outside world:
    – Network switch
    – Steering devices
    –  The firewall
    – Steps for tightening active devices such as content controllers
  • You can get on active devices:
    – Physical security
    –  Working conditions
    –  Authentication
    – Authorization, monitoring, service control
  • Patch control
    – Access list control
    – Remote management control etc.
  • Security precautions

Who Can Participate
System and network administrators, security penetration testers, information systems security department employees, information systems audit unit employees

Basic networking knowledge

Accumulation to be Obtained at the End of Education
Participants in the training are expected to learn the techniques that can be applied within the scope of active device safety, reinforce these techniques with laboratory studies and make useful applications in their institutions.

Duration: 2 days