Remember, You Are As Safe As You Know!

In today’s ever-changing and developing world, it is not possible for the existing threats to stand still. The use of the Internet in almost every field has made cyber threats critical and a brand new sector has emerged.

What do we do?

As a corporate business, the measures you need to take to stay safe in the field of cyber security…


When it comes to penetration tests, Cyberdata, which has the clear leadership in our country, is also mentioned with the quality of the services it provides.


We aim to create awareness and synergy on cyber security in our country by keeping up to date with the developments all over the world and to provide knowledge.


In the face of the development speed of today's technology, even the largest companies in the world have difficulty in protecting their information against cyber attacks.

Danışmana Sor!

Kurumsal bilgi güvenliği insan faktörü, eğitim, teknoloji gibi birçok faktörün etki ettiği tek bir çatı altında yönetilmesi zorunlu olan bir risk yönetim sürecidir.

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Siber Güvenlik Eğitimleri

Siber güvenliğin ne olduğunu ve sizin için potansiyel etkisini öğrenin. En yaygın tehditleri, saldırıları ve güvenlik açıklarını anlayın. İşletmelerin operasyonlarını saldırılardan nasıl koruduğuna dair içgörüler edinin. En son iş trendlerini ve siber güvenliğin neden büyümeye devam ettiğini öğrenin.


Find out what cybersecurity is and its potential impact for you. Understand the most common threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities. Gain insights into how businesses are protecting their operations from attacks. Find out about the latest business trends and why cybersecurity continues to grow.

Entry Level

We tried to bring you a simple and understandable introduction at the introductory level. At the end of this training, you will learn what cyber security means.

Intermediate Level

After receiving intermediate level cyber security trainings, you can easily work in an institution that offers technical solutions and trainings in the field of cyber security...

Advanced Level

After receiving advanced cyber security training, SOME installation and operation, all technical services and solutions of cyber security, and in particular...

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